Futures Recovery

Verify Insurance

Futures is an out-of-network provider that works with patients and insurance providers to make its services as accessible and affordable as possible.

Significant resources are required to deliver residential-level dual-diagnosis treatment effectively. Treating addiction, like treating many disease states, is costly. Futures works with patients and their insurance providers to reduce the out-of-pocket cost to patients. Because insurance plan coverage varies significantly between carriers, plans, deductibles, and other factors, our insurance verification specialists communicate with providers to identify what a patient’s policy will cover, and does the communication and paperwork to utilize benefit coverage appropriately.

The experience of our insurance specialists streamlines the process of benefit reimbursement and reduces the stress of dealing with insurance for patients. Futures works with many national carriers including Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare. It is important to emphasize that insurance policies differ drastically from one plan to the next and from state to state. The differences in plans affect the amount of treatment covered by insurance for each patient.

Futures admissions counselors can use your insurance information to initiate a verification of benefits to estimate covered and out-of-pocket costs. Reach admissions to request an insurance verification at (866) 351-7588 or complete the form below.

Private funding is an option when insurance will not cover the cost of treatment or when there is no insurance to utilize. Futures also works with Prosper Healthcare Lending, a financing provider helping individuals and families get the treatment they need during difficult periods in their lives.