Futures Recovery

Coining In

In contrast to many traditional graduation ceremonies known as “coining out,” our coining in ceremony serves as a welcoming to the Futures family, and an invitation to engage in all that life in recovery has to offer. Instead of just walking out the door, clients become members of a strong alumni and aftercare program.

The Futures approach is summed up with the acronym COIN. The “C” stands for courage. Real courage is doing something that frightens you, but you are doing it anyway. It means facing life honestly without misusing substances even when things get tough.

The “O” stands for open arms. Our empathetic staff is eager to assist in the healing process that has seen the restoration of healthy life to so many of our alumni. Embrace recovery wholeheartedly and we are ready to help heal the wounds of the past, and we are committed to offering insight into the path to a brighter future.

The “I” stands for investment. The decision to go into recovery is certainly a game-changing investment in the life of individuals suffering from substance use disorder. Futures patients invest in changing their lives, and Futures invests in them during their residential treatment and long after their discharge. Continued client care through alumni services serves as the bridge from clinical treatment to ongoing recovery. As part of coining in, our clients become familiar with various lifelong recovery opportunities available to our alumni.

The “N” stands for new life. Many people in recovery feel they receive a second chance. The coins serve as a symbolic reminder of what was before, what they have now, and the hope that accompanies a new beginning in recovery.