Futures Recovery

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is a process of building bridges between clients preparing to leave Futures and their treatment plans and providers when they return home. An effective discharge plan makes the difference in a client’s success towards long-term recovery.

Case Managers work directly with medical professionals, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), therapists, physical therapists, and other specialized healthcare providers while clients are in treatment at Futures. Case Managers at Futures coordinate this process for clients to ensure that appointments are scheduled prior to discharge from Futures. Clients meet with their case manager weekly to assess and evaluate their needs and how to utilize resources after discharging from the treatment program.

The Futures Alumni Services’ department also plays a vital role in discharge planning. Every Futures client that completes the program becomes a member of our alumni community. The alumni program is an important resource for clients through its ongoing network of support and empowerment as clients transitioning back to real life. The Futures Days of Ascent program welcomes alumni back to the treatment facility for additional support, inspiration, and camaraderie.

Futures, like all specialized addiction treatment programs, helps patients and family members establish a foothold in recovery from which they make continuous progress. Addiction and its co-occurring mental health disorders are chronic conditions. Like many health conditions, addiction needs to be managed throughout the course of one’s life. For many people in long-term recovery, the process of remaining abstinent becomes easier over time. Remaining in healthy recovery requires ongoing care — especially early on in one’s recovery journey.