Futures Recovery

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment allows patients to receive an intensive level of integrated therapy more easily and conveniently than through outpatient programs.

Residential programming offers advantages to patients — especially those experiencing co-occurring mental health or physical conditions in addition to substance use disorders. The Futures residential treatment center is designed to facilitate coordinated care and make one’s time in treatment as safe, productive, and comfortable as possible. The Futures residential treatment center, located in Tequesta, Florida — a small city in the Palm Beach area — contains a robust system of treatment. The nine-acre gated center includes comfortable and private patient living accommodations, in-house cafeteria-style dining, a state-of-the-art medically monitored detoxification facility, therapist offices, and group meeting rooms, well-equipped gym, physical therapy center, library, game rooms, specialized wellness rooms, swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, and other amenities.

While life at Futures is comfortable, the emphasis of the program is on doing the hard work of recovery. Living close to one’s treatment setting increases the convenience of treatment and allows more time in treatment. Futures clients receive more hours of therapy and wellness services than most comparable programs. The well-equipped residential treatment facility and high staff-to-client ration help clients gain access to more treatment and more types of treatment than many programs.

Camaraderie is often a meaningful and memorable aspect of treatment. Sharing one’s treatment experience with peers of similar age and life experience can improve the productivity of group work and lead to the development of lifelong friendships. The Futures residential program is oriented toward adults and professionals who are resolved to changing their lives. Our clinical therapies, curriculum, activities, and amenities are geared toward adults, and maintaining an adult community contributes to client comfort and the relevance of group therapy discussion.

Futures residential clients can access a complete spectrum of health care services including medical oversight and testing, medication management, psychosocial evaluation, psychiatry, psychotherapy, physical therapy, fitness training, nutritional counseling, hypnotherapy, and other wellness therapies. The range of holistic services offered at Futures underscores the program’s emphasis on a patient’s ongoing continuum of care. Establishing a system of ongoing comprehensive care is vital to people in recovery and contributes to better patient outcomes and reduced rates of relapse. By the time residential clients are ready to leave treatment at Futures, their case managers and discharge planners have helped them arrange relationships with healthcare providers in their home communities.