Futures Recovery

Continuing Care & Alumni Programming

Using recovery app on phoneOrenda needs to deliver a bridge to life beyond the residential treatment phase in the form of a comprehensive continuing care plan. Clients, family members, and clinicians are all invested participants in a well structured and detailed plan. Although each plan will differ from client to client, typical elements of a suggested continuing care plan include participating in Futures Alumni programs, attending physical or virtual appointments with trusted therapists, and participating in some form of structured outpatient or peer support program.

The significant investment of time and resource in attending Orenda is maximized when a client remains committed to building upon the foundation they’ve created during residential treatment by remaining connected to and leveraging the staff at Orenda to ensure they’re staying the course.

In addition to our revolutionary Days of Ascent events, clients who complete the Orenda program will also be invited to partake in Orenda specific alumni programs, including retreats, meetings, and special events such as:

  • Individualized “Coining In” group
  • Individualized discharge process group
  • Transport to recovery support meetings
  • Orenda alumni athletes and exceutives retreat
  • Clinician led recovery coaching sessions
  • Soberlink subscription