Futures Recovery

Patient Service Focus

At Futures, service is foremost. Every Futures program and every member of the Futures team is committed to providing the highest quality of client service to facilitate better care and positive treatment experience.

Here, the spirit of service also signifies a deep understanding of the disease of addiction. Every member of the Futures team knows that each patient is a unique individual that is being treated for a progressive, life-threatening illness. Each understands that the symptoms and behaviors of addiction and the trauma that often accompanies living with addictive disorders have resulted in reduced quality of life, damaged health, relationships, and livelihoods, and led to alienation from family and friends. The Futures team feels a deep sense of compassion, hope, and promise in helping individuals and families regain their lives by learning to manage the disease of addiction and restoring mental health and wellbeing.

A sense of dignity for our patients, and for the hard work of treating the complexity of addiction and behavioral health disorder guide the work of the Futures program. It is the central reason that we maintain a beautiful and well-appointed milieu, it is why we employ talented, licensed professionals who are leaders in their field, and it is the reason we strive to deliver exceptionally well-coordinated and effective care.