Futures Recovery


Continued Connection

Alumni stay connectedClients remain a part of the Rebound at Futures community. Regular connection and communication are important for all people and especially important for people in early recovery. Staying in close touch with supportive peers and alumni personnel provides an important source of encouragement and resilience. Rebound at Futures alumni regularly and frequently convene on video chats to say hello, report progress, provide strength, and ask for help. Being a part of these group chats keeps clients in touch with friends, and members of the Rebound at Futures team. 

Inspirational Community

Rebound at Futures develops the ethos and attitude to overcome obstacles. Here, motivational coaches inspire clients to find within themselves the will and reasons to strive toward sobriety and lasting recovery. Rebound focuses on helping individuals tap their inner strength and spiritual aspect as a source of the resilience required to sustain recovery and good mental and physical health. Rebound is a powerfully positive program committed to an environment that fosters personal growth, respect of self and others, the elimination of perceived boundaries, and discovering the unyielding power we each possess. 

Life-long Supporters

Camaraderie and teamwork are central aspects of the Rebound Program and the friendships forged here become life-long supporters. Rebound alumni form an especially close and supportive community. Alumni from around the country regularly communicate and check one another’s recovery progress and well-being. 

Rebound at Futures Recovery Healthcare is an exciting new treatment program utilizing experiential modalities that are integrated into their group or individual therapy sessions. Patients in the Rebound program are referred to as Teammates and this subtle distinction serves to reinforce the notion that recovery is all about developing healthy connections.– Ryan Miller, MSW, Director of Alumni Services