Futures Recovery


Team running on beachRebound is an activity-based program incorporating rigorous physical fitness, outdoor adventures, and team activities. Exercise, physical exertion, and skill-building develop physical and mental health. A healthy body promotes positive self-image. Rigorous fitness and activity restore and improve many aspects of physical health from organ function, blood pressure, sleep health, executive function, and more. 

Clinical programming is an essential component of the Rebound Program. Some curriculum topics include relapse prevention, coping skills, behavioral analysis, guilt and shame, cognitive restructuring, planning for success, dealing with fears, and more. Rebound clients take part in group and individual therapy sessions. 

Rebound emphasizes spiritual connection as a source of meaning, motivation, and resilience. Rebound patients are invited to participate in bible study and discussion sessions. No religious affiliation is required to take part in the program. The spiritual focus is welcoming to people of all faiths or those with no religious affiliation. Rebound support personal development of faith to act as a centering, positive influence in recovery.