Futures Recovery

Adventure-Based Experiential Programming

Rebound at Futures emphasizes experiential and adventure-based programming to help clients get outside of their comfort zones.

Most days, Rebound patients take part in fishing, golfing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, wave running, and other outdoor activities. Mindful participation in new and challenging activities can yield clinical insights and teachable moments. Paying close attention to the ways in which we respond to stressful situations and interpersonal interactions can identify issues like negative self-image, mistrust, competitiveness, and others that can be addressed in real-time, and during therapy sessions.

Rebound at Futures helps clients learn new ways to enjoy time free of substances. Learning how to scuba dive, play golf, lift weights, or do a proper layup can help people develop new healthy activities to enjoy in recovery. Taking up new sports and other past times is a source of exercise and community that can support sobriety, physical fitness, and emotional well-being.