Futures Recovery

Treatment Services

Futures is a comprehensive specialized dual-diagnosis addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment program. Our system of care includes a residential inpatient treatment center and outpatient program. Each Futures treatment program provides coordinated clinical and wellness services. Care plans are personalized to meet individual treatment needs. The goal of treatment at Futures is to help adults achieve a sound basis in recovery, establish a continuum of healthcare, and a knowledge of how to manage the chronic conditions of addiction and mental health disorders.

Care Coordination

Coordinated care produces better outcomes than clinicians working in silos and without knowledge of what other providers are prescribing.

Addiction Treatment Care Coordination Futures Recovery Healthcare


Psychiatry is especially helpful in identifying and reducing health problems related to polypharmacy — the use of multiple medications by one patient.

Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment Futures Recovery Healthcare


Experienced Futures clinicians use one or more evidence-based methods of psychotherapy to individualize therapies that work best for each patient and her or his needs.

Psychotherapy and Addiction Treatment Futures Recovery Healthcare

Physical Therapy

Futures incorporates specialized physical therapy into its addiction treatment programming so people can avoid overusing pain medications.

Physical Therapy and Addiction Treatment Futures Recovery Healthcare

Case Management

Case managers are a client’s primary point of contact during their time at Futures and coordinate every aspect of the client’s care and experience.

Case Management Futures Recovery Healthcare

Support Groups & Community Activity

Futures strongly believes in support group participation as an important aspect of ongoing recovery work and help our patients understand which groups may best suit their needs and preferences.

Support Groups Futures Recovery Healthcare

Wellness & Nutrition

Wellness services like physical fitness, yoga, therapeutic massage, and hypnotherapy help people improve their physical and mental wellbeing while receiving treatment at Futures.

Wellness & Nutrition Futures Recovery Healthcare


Telehealth is a convenient, affordable, and secure way to receive ongoing therapy and is offered to Futures' patients and their families through our partnership with eHome Counseling.

Telehealth Program Futures Recovery Healthcare