Futures Recovery

Adults with Addiction & SUD

Futures Recovery Healthcare specializes in treating adult women and men for substance use disorder, addiction, and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Futures is a system of addiction treatment and wellness programming that includes a residential treatment center with specialized treatment tracks, and an intensive outpatient clinic. This range of services allows Futures to treat patients along the spectrum of substance misuse and addiction severity, and addiction’s most common and complex co-occurring mental health disorders.

The program’s clinical focus, programming intensity, milieu, and activities are geared toward adult professionals or more mature younger adult. Treating mature adults only offers real-world advantages for patients and caregivers. Treatment and programming that is more tailored to specific patient-populations can result in better patient outcomes.

Age-specific programming enhances treatment effectiveness and patient experience. Clinical programming can be tailored to address familial, spousal, parental, and career stressors more common among generations. Group therapy sessions, a mainstay of evidence-based treatment at Futures, tend to be more productive when participants are of similar age-range and life experience. The many activities, fitness offerings, nutritional focus, and wellness amenities offered at the Futures residential treatment program are tailored to the adult population.

Specialized treatment programs for adolescents and younger adults offer programming specially designed for these populations and address the issues they most often face. Futures admissions representatives are experts at determining if Futures is a good fit, and referring people to other high-quality care providers if a different program would better serve their needs.